Proceedings Style Notes and Checklist

Note: The following instructions apply only to the official copy of the paper you submit to the Proceedings. You do not have to adhere to the following instructions for the papers you actually hand out at the conference. What you give to those attending your sessions may be in any format.

  • Create your papers in Microsoft Word.
  • E-mail your electronic Word file to (Thaddeus Nifong, Proceedings Editor). Please do not send a PDF or other file type.
  • You will receive a reply e-mail to confirm receipt of your file. If you do not, that means it did not go through successfully. You may also reach Rick at (470) 282-5278 office/desk.
  • Use portrait orientation, not landscape.
  • Use Mirror Margins with the top and bottom margins set at 0.73, the inside margin at .93, and the outside margin at 0.63.
  • Be sure to use only one space (not two) after any punctuation including periods and colons.
  • Use real quotation marks ( “ and ” ), single quote marks ( ‘ and ’ ), and apostrophes ( ’ ).
  • Use the appropriate measurement symbols ( ′ or ″, etc.).
  • Bulleted items should hang indent (as you see here) so that no bulleted item text is aligned under the bullet. If you use numbered bullets, remember the rule of division that says you cannot have a 1 unless you also have a 2, you cannot have an A unless you also have a B, etc.

For the official copy of your paper to be included in the Proceedings, use the Publication Manual of the APA (latest edition). The style of the Proceedings varies from APA on several points:

  • It might be helpful for you to see a previous version of Proceedings. Please download one from the Proceedings page.
  • Use single space instead of double space (since this is not like a student paper submitted for corrections).
  • The text of the paper’s paragraphs should be in Arial at 11 points, full- but not forced-justified. Use the automatic leading (13.2 points).
  • Put a line space between paragraphs, and do not indent paragraphs.
  • Paper title and author information will be at the top of the first page of text, not on a separate title page. (However, any papers handed out at the conference probably should have a title page.) The title should be in Times New Roman at 18 points bold. Author information should be Arial at 11 points italic.
  • Make all headings or subheads in Times New Roman at 14 points bold, left-aligned.
  • Do not underline anything. If you are underlining to call attention to the word, make it bold. If you are underlining to indicate a work of authorship, make it italic.
  • Use APA style for citations and bibliography (but always use italics for book and journal names rather than underlining). References should be in Arial at 11 points.
  • You may insert a small table into the text. However, if a table is substantial, consider placing it as an appendix to the text. Appendix items may be in any format you choose, but if you have no good reason to choose something else, please use the same text specifications given for the rest of the paper.
  • End notes should be in Arial at 11 points. Please do not use the footnote function in Word because it does not merge well within the Proceedings document.
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