GCA Site Updated!

The website for the Georgia Communication Association has been refreshed with a more modern look and a new backend, increasing accessibility and ease of use for visitors. Members can now check their membership status, update their information, and check their conference registration status from the website.

“The updated site is the beginning of some real growth potential for GCA,” said Matthew LeHew, GCA Webmaster. “It will open the door for increased coordination among members, as well as more tangible benefits for membership.”

Like the previous version, the site runs on WordPress, but changes in hosting that took place allowed for a software modification. The site was moved to a custom server running on Amazon Web Services, with the open-source CiviCRM added in the background to handle membership management. The combination of Amazon Web Services and CiviCRM allows GCA to better serve its members by allowing them to access and update their profile information, as well as send out informational newsletters to current members.

“In the future, we are hoping to increase our offerings to current members and help make GCA membership a real value proposition that extends beyond the conference,” said LeHew. “We can create pages that are only available to current members, which may house job listings, collaborative opportunities, and even shared resources for teaching.”